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Meet the SMAKKS

SMAKK Studios is a team of passionate designers, brand strategists, technology experts, and marketing mavericks brought together by a singular focus: to drive growth for brands. Since 2011, we’ve assembled a team that seamlessly supports clients from branding and pre-launch strategy to growth marketing and everything in between. We’re a small, smart team that works together seamlessly. We love what we do and we think you’ll love working with us.

Katie Klencheski

Founder / SMAKKster in Chief

Katie is living her dream. Every day she wakes up and gets to help passionate brands grow through technology and awesome creative. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for Katie it’s everything. That, and being able to work with the most talented team on the planet. Since launching SMAKK in 2011, she’s defined the strategy and vision for our growth and worked closely with all of our clients. A proud alumna of Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Katie cut her teeth at agencies like Gotham, Ogilvy, and AgencySacks where she worked with clients like Sony, Cartier, and American Express. But her favorite projects have been at SMAKK, growing extraordinary local brands like S.W. Basics, Waggo and Steve’s Ice Cream into international sensations. In her “free” time she has a second job as Miss Moneypenny’s personal assistant.

Bianca Grey

Project Manager / Friendly Vampire

Bianca is living proof that you can dress in all black every day and still be described as a ray of sunshine. And although our friendly vampire is still a proud member of the dark side, the only things she attacks are deadlines. As our project manager, Bianca uses her superpowers to keep all SMAKK matters organized while also ensuring all projects and tasks are completed on time. Prior to joining us, Bianca has coordinated original content for major brands including Crayola, Grey Goose, Rebecca Minkoff, Nylon, Conde Nast, and Microsoft. Outside of work, Bianca makes music videos for her friends’ bands and helps out as a short order cook at her mom’s restaurant. We wonder if she uses any garlic.

Sunmi Oh

Developer / Black Belt

Sunmi is our Front-End Developer and resident Tae Kwon Do Black Belt. We rely on her for intuitive digital solutions and kickass coding. She has an eye for design and a strong understanding of the user’s experience. Prior to SMAKK Studios, she worked at HumanIG developing mobile, social, and web experiences for small businesses and start-ups. She studied Computer Science at General Assembly and holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan.

Talal Choudhury

Developer / Geek Authority

After graduating with a Biology degree from Brooklyn College, Talal attended Medical School and was all set to become a doctor. There was just one problem. His dream was to be a developer. So he went back to school for Computer Science at General Assembly. For his thesis project, he created an in-browser 3D video game. And it’s no surprise that he goes to Comic Con every year, builds electronics for fun, and created a visor that shoots red lasers out of the eyes like the X-men Cyclops. He brings a huge dose of creativity and enthusiasm to each project he touches. Plus, he’s our team doctor.

Maria Bonello

UX Designer / Time Traveler

Maria is incredible at designing cutting-edge user experiences because she’s from the future. Well, that’s what she tells us anyway. As as a brand strategist, researcher, and ecommerce expert, Maria works with businesses to help them to seize opportunities for growth. Her combined experience in UX and project management has allowed her to develop robust brand and digital discovery processes that surface market opportunities, consumer insights, and marketing strategies to build and grow successful brands. She has a background in English and Digital Communications from Rutgers University and PR and Marketing experience with Viacom and NETS Basketball, after switching gears to study User Experience at General Assembly, Maria joined our team as a UX specialist. And in case you’re wondering, Maria assures us that in the future we can all teleport to the moon for vacation.



Ana Realmuto

Junior Designer / Lip Sync Battler

Ana studied at CU Boulder where she discovered her love for anything and everything design related. She earned her degree in Creative Advertising and Technology, Arts & Media and eventually ventured from the Rocky Mountains to Williamsburg. When Ana joined SMAKK as a Junior Designer we quickly realized how lucky we are to have Ana as a member of our team for a number of reasons. She has an inherent ability to recognize trends, kicks A on everything from branding projects to web design, and has a secret gift for winning any lip sync battle she’s ever entered.

Gabi Searles

Web Designer / Catless Cat Lady

Gabi is a rockstar designer who brings creativity and passion to every project she works on from packaging and visual identities to web design. She’s the one who sets the bar (really high) in our office for being up on new design trends and current best practices for the web. She was an overachiever in college too, graduating summa cum laude from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Graphic Design. Here at SMAKK Studios, Gabi is a key part of the work we do for Rockport, S.W. Basics, and BFX Studio. In her past life, she designed for brands like Max Brenner and Kleinfeld’s Bridal and saw her designs go viral on Tumblr.

Robbie Sherrard

Developer / Comedian

Robbie is a natural born coder and earned his degree in Information Systems Engineering from Lehigh University. When he began his career as a developer, Robbie created beautiful sites for various non profits within his hometown. Robbie joined the SMAKK team and we discovered that he develops sites at lightning speed and has the quick witted personality to match. If you ever have the chance to catch some of his standup, you will see that Robbie is also comic relief for our whole team.

Miss Moneypenny

Chief Canine Officer / Supermodel

Penny, our favorite Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is the Chief Canine Officer and official day brightener. Hailing from a small farm in Georgia, Penny is just a small town girl trying to make it in the Big Apple. While only 2 years old, she’s already risen to a C-level position here at SMAKK. Her responsibilities include greeting visitors, administering tail wags and giving puppy kisses to team members burning the midnight oil to meet deadlines. And yeah, she’s been a cover model for some of our favorite brands, like Waggo Home. NBD.

SMAKK Studios is based out of our studio in Brooklyn, NY and all of our pixels are locally-grown and fair trade. We never outsource projects: all our work is created by our team of seasoned professionals right here in the USA.

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